Product Lifecycle Management

Advanced search improvements

Advanced search can be used to query PLM objects based on values of the PLM objects or the linked objects. The search can be based on the value of any attribute, including category attribute values.

These are examples of PLM item queries:

  • Query all items created on a particular date or that have Nut in the description.
  • Query all items that have document Doc-001 linked or that have Item-100 as a component.

When a query is run, the results are opened in the list session of the object.

Each query can be saved.

Users can see their own queries and the queries created by other users.

Resource management for PLM users

PLM for Discrete includes a module that manages all changes, approvals, and new product introductions through an internal workflow. The PLM workflow engine is task-oriented.

Tasks can now be linked to a more extensive task library called Reference Activities. This works in the same way as in LN Service. A reference activity is a template for a task that specifies its duration, work time requirements, and resource skills requirements.

In a future release, these building blocks will be used for a more accurate planning and use of this data in Resource Management. The master data has now been added for this.

Revision control improvements

These improvements have been made to the revision control process:

  • An undo check-in and undo check-out report is now available. The report lists the objects for which undo check-in and undo check-out operations have been performed. To display the report, the Display Report on Revision Control Operations preference must be selected.
  • Undo operations are now permitted for objects with missing revision history information. Normally, when a check-in and check-out operation is performed, an entry is created in the Revisions History table. This information is used for undo check-in and undo check-out operations. For customers who migrate from an old PLM version, this information might be missing. The preference Allow Undo Operations for objects with missing revision history has been added to enable undo check-in and undo check-out operations if the required entry is missing.
  • During check-in and check-out operations, an object’s status is now revalidated before the status changes. This to avoid concurrent issues.

Small enhancements

These improvements have been made in PLM:

  • The Unit of Measure field has been added to the item multilevel view. When a user opens the multilevel view of an assembly structure, the unit of measure of each component is now displayed.
  • To support selecting and linking a source for an item BOM, a single item or multiple items can now be selected in the list sessions. These items can then be linked to a parent item in the details session of the BOM satellite session.