Activity workbench

The Activity Workbench (tppss2600m000) session has been added to support these features for project activity managers:

  • Have an overview of the projects and activities for which they are responsible.
  • Perform various actions directly from the workbench, such as changing the activity status, completing resource assignments, and approving planned orders.

Actual budget cost analysis version

The Use Actual Budget Cost Analysis Version option has been added to the Generate Budget Cost Analysis (tpptc3200m000) and Generate Budget Cost Analysis Time Phased (BIRST) (tpptc3211m000) sessions. If this option is selected, only the version that is specified on the project is used. You cannot specify another cost analysis version.

Consequently, this option enables you to focus on the version of the project.

Copying of project notes

These check boxes have been added to the Options tab of the Copy Project (tppdm7840m000) session:

  • Notes, to allow copying project notes. By default, the check box is cleared.
  • Project Text, to allow copying project text. By default, the check box is selected.

Project activity relationships

In the Project Schedule (tppss2700m100) session (Gantt), you can now establish activity relationships in the schedule itself. This can be done by selecting an activity or milestone and using the Create Successor Activity Relationship or Create Predecessor Activity Relationship options. By default, the Relationship Type field is set to Finish-to-Start and the Lag field to zero, but these fields can be changed before the new activity relationship is saved.

The options to create successor or predecessor relationships have also been added to the Activities (tppss2100m000) session.

If the Activity Relationships (tppss2510m000) session is started with a specific activity selected, the existing relationships for that activity are displayed. Previously, for the Activity Relationships (tppss2510m000) session, only an overview was available. Now, this session can also be started in a details mode to view all details of a planning relationship.

Project estimating and budgeting

These features are now supported for project estimating and budgeting:

  • Merging of several estimate lines into one new line with the Merge Estimate Lines (tpest2200m300) session. The cost amount of the new line is then used for cost aggregation. This can be used, for example, to shift material, equipment, and own labor to a subcontractor.
  • Transfer of the buy-from business partner that is used on the estimate line, to the budget.
  • Availability of a buy-from business partner on budget lines for material, subcontracting, and equipment. The buy-from business partner is optional, but can be used as a default for Project Requirements Planning if the business partner is the same for all budget lines of the same element or activity.
  • Availability of a contingency amount on budget lines. This is for information only.
  • Budget adjustment additions, including the extension of the budget adjustment code to 9 and the description to 60, the option to capture a reason code, and the visibility of the budget adjustment on budget lines.
  • Visibility of the cost determination method for subcontracting. This method affects the allowed options. Therefore, the method is displayed in the budgeting sessions for subcontracting and in other LN Project modules.