Application development

Convert to runtime and create runtime in Admin Only mode

If domain or table definitions must be actualized, tenant administrators are now procedurally forced to switch the environment to Admin Only mode. This new procedure applies, for example, if you convert domain or table definitions to runtime after customer defined field data has been changed.

This procedure prevents runtime issues caused by a mismatch between the data definitions on the file system and the definitions within Shared Memory (SHM).

This procedure is embedded in the LN software. Data definitions can now only be actualized if the environment is switched to Admin Only mode first.

This affects this functionality:

  • The Convert to Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5215m000) session. This session is, for example, used to process manually specified and imported data definition changes that are related to these components:
    • Customer Defined Fields
    • Extensions
    • Multi Data Language
    • Object Configuration Management (OCM Workflow)
    • Timestamps
  • The Create Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5210m000) session. This session is mainly used to fully actualize and repair the data definitions on the file system for a selection range of packages and tables.
  • The conversion of data languages as part of the Multi Data Language feature, as implemented in the Data Languages (ttaad1111m000) session.

If the process is aborted because of an invalid environment mode, this error message is displayed or logged:

This action can only be executed in %1$s mode (actual: %2$s)
Note: If the sessions mentioned are run within a job and aborted because of an incorrect environment status, a job runtime error occurs.