ATP priorities for multi-site

Previously, in a multi-site setup for a company, the ATP priorities could not be used in the PRP for planned PRP warehouse orders. All warehouses were checked, and planned orders could be created for warehouses that were unsuitable because, for example, they had another business purpose or were geographically distant.

In a multi-site setup, clusters can now be used based on the relevant ATP priorities from the ATP Priorities (tcmcs0168m000) session, which is linked to the Project Management Offices (tppdm0110m000) session.

In the Planning Parameters (tppss0100s000) and Generate Planned PRP Orders (tppss6200m000) sessions, you can specify whether to use ATP priorities, and the priority to consider. The settings in the Planning Parameters (tppss0100s000) session are used as defaults for the Generate Planned PRP Orders (tppss6200m000) session.

Modification of the sales price for a contract deliverable after shipment

The Change Prices and Discounts after Delivery (tppin0260m000) session has been added to modify the price and discount of a contract delivery after a delivery has taken place. This session can be started from the Project Shipments (tppin0160m000) session for a contract deliverable.

Prices and discounts can be changed in this new session only if the invoice for the contract deliverable has not yet been sent.

Overview of capacity in Trade Group Capacity Workbench

These resource management improvements have been made:

  • The Main Trade Group field has been added to the Trade Groups (tppdm0530m000) session. Consequently, you can now differentiate between main trade groups and trade groups. In this way, trade group welders can be broken down into experienced (senior) and less experienced (junior) welders. A maximum of two levels are available and a main trade group cannot be used as the sub trade group of another trade group.
  • The Trade Group Capacity Workbench (tppdm8610m000) session has been added. This is a 4GL workbench that includes this data:
    • A resource overview based on trade group
    • Labor budget lines to which a trade group is linked
    • Employees linked to a trade group