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Enhanced email source validation for individual tenants

Currently the default Infor SMTP relay server is used for sending email notifications. You can now use the Customer Self-Service Portal (CSSP) to provide more control and security. Through the CSSP, you can enhance the email notification process in these ways:

Configure custom SMTP settings

In LN, the configured SMTP settings are visible in read-only mode in the Service Providers (ttcmf0110m000) session. In this session, you can use the Parameters button to check the service provider parameters, as provided by the CSSP.

In the Document Output Management Parameters (ttrpi2100s000) and Document Type Details (ttrpi2510m000) sessions, the CMF Service field has been added. In this field, you can set one of the available CMF Service Providers.

The SMTP service provider specified in the CMF Service field in the Document Output Management Parameters (ttrpi2100s000) session, is used as the default for all DOM Document Types. For flexibility, you can overrule this setting. To do so, specify the "CMF Service" in the Document Type Details (ttrpi2510m000) session. If the CMF Service field is empty in both sessions, the standard provisioned CMF Service, "SMTP", is used in the runtime execution.

Manage your own verified domains

The verified domains cannot be viewed in an LN session, but this information is used in LN Document Output Management (DOM) in the runtime execution.

When a domain has been validated as verified domain within the CSSP, it is transfered to LN into the "verified domains" list. This information is used to validate the 'Send From' - email addresses, which are defined in the DOM Document Types.

When the domain of the email address is not present in the verified domains list, a warning to change the email address is displayed.

Note: The usage of unverified domains is by default enabled by a specific tenant resource. For adoption of the verified domains functionality within LN, you must contact the Infor Cloud team. You must send them a request to switch this tenant resource so unverified domains are no longer accepted.