Improvements have been made for Italian e-invoicing in these areas:

  • Integration with sales orders
  • Generation of integration documents from purchase
  • Other tax scenarios
Integration with sales orders
Generation of the tax connector data is now triggered earlier in the process. The additional details can be retrieved and modified in the sales order. Next, they are automatically transferred to Central Invoicing and to LSP for generating the e-invoice XML. It is not required to interrupt the invoicing process to manually correct billable lines.
Generation of integration documents from purchase
Functionality has been added to comply with a new legal requirement to replace the former Esterometro report. In the case of national reverse charge invoices or imports invoices, the integration documents in XML can be generated by LSP when completing the purchase invoice in LN CE. A defaulting mechanism has been added to select the correct document type (TipoDocumento) that is required by the authorities, such as TD16, TD17, TD18, TD19. In the new Tax Connector Purchase Tax Codes (lpita0130m000) session, a tax code can be linked to a document type and to the desired date-derivation logic. Additionally, for the same requirement, the handling of invoices in foreign currencies has been improved in LSP. Now, both the amounts in EUR and the original amounts are displayed.
Other tax scenarios
The Tax Exemption Letter by Business Partner (tftax2121m000) session has been improved. The full exemption protocol and date have been added, as well as an activation mechanism. E-invoice generation for various tax scenarios, such as stamp tax, reverse charge, and split payment is now fully supported. In addition to the new tax exemption information, the correct tax amounts and the law reference (RiferimentoNormativo) are now included in the BOD and transferred to LSP.

The enhancements also require the upgrade of the Localization Service Platform (LSP), which has been adopted by LN CE for the Italian e-invoicing,