Job Shop Planning Board

These features have been added to the Job Shop Planning Board (tisfc8372m000) session:

  • Job Shop Schedule Runs is now available on the context menu of the empty Gantt. This starts the session in a modal.
  • For operations, the Fix dates for Planning and Scheduling menu has been added. It has options for Fixed Planning Dates on operation and Locked for Scheduling on machine operation. If there are no machine operations, or Job Shop by Site is inactive, the title of the menu is Fix dates for Planning.
  • If Fixed Planning Dates or Locked for Scheduling are selected, the lock symbol is now shown for the operation activity.
  • To specify the machine breakdown time for the machine that is linked to the selected operation, the Machine Availability (tirou8350m000) session can now be started.
  • The quantity of a production order is now shown when hovering over the production order.

PCF generic price list

Previously, the PCF generic price list supported a maximum of 999 lines. To enable more than 1000 lines, a new domain for the generic price list has been added.