LN Analytics uses the Analytics Platform to provide analytic content for LN industries, delivering strategic and tactical business intelligence. For detailed release notes, see KB Article 2026400.

LN Analytics Foundation

LN Analytics Foundation has these enhancements:

  • New dashboards for Accounts Receivable.
  • Failure analysis, probability analysis, and rental equipment calendars for the Service area.
  • Receipt summary and overdue receipt dashboards for the Procurement area.
  • Shipment summary dashboards for the Sales area.

The status of this release is Controlled Available (CA), for these reasons:

  • Translatability is not yet supported.
  • Provisioning is done as a complete new installation. It is not possible to upgrade the LN Analytics product.

Note: Because it has a status of CA, LN Analytics can be provisioned for a tenant only after formal approval of Infor LN Product Management.