Creation of order lines for multiple selected serials

The Serialized Item 360 (tscfg2100m100) session has been extended with these new options:
  • Generate new orders for one or more selected serials.
  • Link one or more selected serials to an existing order in Service.

Customer claim - Credit note before part receipt

If the claim method is Reimburse Cost, you can now create a credit note before the applicable item is received from the customer. In other words, settlement can be done before the logistical process has started.

Customer claim - Document authorization on claim header

Document authorization, with or without ION Workflow, can now be performed for an entire customer claim instead of just by claim line.

Equipment Management Workbench

Functionally, the Equipment Management Workbench (tscfg8351m000) has been aligned with the Resource Management Workbench (tssoc8351m000).

Ignoring of coverage for fixed-price reference activities

For reference activities with the Use Fixed Price check box selected, the new Ignore Coverage check box can now also be selected.

If the Ignore Coverage check box is selected, the pricing method on a service order activity or a maintenance sales order line can be set to Fixed Activity Price by default, regardless of whether a warranty or contract coverage is present.

Initial warehouse order status

The status of warehouse order inbound and outbound lines generated from Service now depends on the new Initial Warehousing Order Status Determined by Warehousing parameter. This parameter has been added to these sessions:

  • General Service Parameters (tsmdm0100m000)
  • Service Settings by Site (tsmdm1103m000)
  • General Service Settings History by Service Site (tsmdm8503m100)

This parameter is used to determine if Service or Warehousing (via the warehouse order type) is responsible for setting the status.

Inventory data for car warehouse on materials

Inventory data of the car warehouse is now displayed on the material lines, in these sessions:

  • Service Order Estimated Material Costs (tssoc2120m000)
  • Service Order Actual Material Costs (tssoc2121m000)
  • Service Order Material Costs (tssoc2122m000)

The new fields are initially hidden.

Item settings for demand pegging

If the new Use Item Settings for Demand Pegging check box is selected in the General Service Parameters (tsmdm0100m000) session, the demand pegging settings of an item, as specified in the general item data, are now used by LN Service.

This parameter is available only if Demand Pegging is implemented as a concept.

Linking of serialized item to installation group

The Link to Installation Group check box has been added to the Configuration Management Parameters (tscfg0100m000) session.

If this check box is selected and if a new serialized Item is generated in the Generate Serialized Item (tscfg1234m000) session from a service object to which an installation group is linked, you can indicate whether the new serial must be added to the installation group.

LN Mobile Service

By default, planned times can now be used as actual times on assignments.

A new setting is available to determine the time for the actual start and finish times when clicking the start and stop buttons.

These options are available:

  • The current time
  • The planned start and finish time

Master routing for trigger set in a usage-based scenario

Instead of only one reference activity, you can now specify a master routing, which is a group of reference activities, for a maintenance trigger set. This applies to trigger sets linked to usage-based maintenance scenario lines.

Material availability for actual material lines

When a material line is added for a released activity, material availability is now verified. Previously, this had to be done manually, which often was forgotten.

Preferred operator for serialized items

A preferred operator can now be specified for a serialized item in the Preferred Operator field of the Serialized Item (tscfg2600m000) session.

RFID tags to track serialized items

To track and trace equipment, for example at the construction site, you can now specify a label layout and an RFID structure for serialized items. You can print labels for serialized items based on the defined label layout.

Supplier claim - Document authorization on claim header

Document authorization, with or without ION Workflow, can now be performed for an entire supplier claim instead of just by claim line.

Where-used item in physical breakdown

The Where-used in Physical Breakdowns command has been added to the References menu of the Items - Service (tsmdm2100m000 / tsmdm2600m000) session.

If you click this command for a selected item, the Physical Breakdowns - Where-used Components (tscfg2510m100) session is started in which you can view the physical breakdowns in which the item is used.