LN Mobile Service

These enhancements have been made for LN Mobile Service:

  • For items and serials, detail screens have been added to navigate to detailed item or serial information. In every place where items and serials are used, links have been added to start these screens.
  • The Documents window has been extended with the possibility to filter and sort the available documents. These sorting options are available:
    • Document Name (Ascending - Descending)
    • Document Type (Ascending - Descending)
    • Date (Ascending)
  • Rental agreements are now supported in the app. However, not all options related to rental agreements are available. For example, the user cannot create a new rental agreement.

Ship-to address in activity tooltip

Because the ship-to address can deviate from the location address, the Activity Tooltip now also shows the ship-to address information in the Resource Management Workbench (tssoc8351m000).