Application configuration

Configuration Data Management - Additional content for the default LN Configuration Data Definition - II

A second batch of standard Configuration Objects and Configuration Object Sets for Tools is delivered to the Default LN Configuration Data Definition.

To import the Default LN Configuration Data Definition, you must first update your environment to the latest LN CE release. Then you must import the content through the Import Default LN Configuration Data Definition (ttdcm0203m000) session. You do not have to download and import additional files. If you have not made any changes to the standard content imported previously, we recommend that you run the session with the Overwrite option enabled.

For details about content added to the Default LN Configuration Data Definition for each release, see KB Article 2252363 on the Infor Support Portal.

LN CloudSuite refresh

A new option to refresh an LN CloudSuite is controlled available in the Infor CloudSuite Self-Service Portal.

Customers can use the CloudSuite refresh procedure to overwrite an existing tenant with data from another tenant. In this procedure, two CloudSuites are involved:

  • A source CloudSuite. This is the CloudSuite from where the data is copied.
  • A target CloudSuite. This is the CloudSuite to which the data is copied.

During a CloudSuite Refresh, the data from all selected environments in the source CloudSuite overwrites the data of the same environments in the target CloudSuite.

In the LN CloudSuite, currently these environments are part of the CloudSuite Refresh:

  • LN CE
  • Infor Ming.le/IFS
  • ION
  • IDM
For details about the LN CloudSuite refresh functionality, see the Infor Enterprise Server Administration Guide (Cloud).
Note: Because the status of this functionality is Controlled Available (CA), it can be provisioned for a tenant only after formal approval of Infor LN Product Management.