Backflushing of hours

These parameters have been added to the Repetitive Manufacturing Parameters (tirpt0100m000) session:

  • Automatic Labor Hours
  • Automatic Work Cell Hours

If the Automatic Work Cell Hours parameter is selected, these options for booking hours are available:

  • Register Work Cell Hours: The hours are taken from the clocked hours by user.
  • Backflushing Hours: The hours are taken from the theoretical hours.
  • MES: This option is available for further development and will be used to pull the data from an external source.

There is now a better flow of RPT hours initialization, accounting (booking), and approval with the aim of making the reporting process automatic and more streamlined.

Generation of SILS messages for late orders

Previously, supply messages for late assembly orders could not be created in the Assembly Transfer Messages SILS.

Now, the Generate Supply Messages (tiasc8210m100) session has been added, which supports these features:

  • Generation of supply messages for line station orders with a planned date in the past.
  • Selection ranges, for example, the Generate Time Horizon-driven SILS Supply Messages (tiasc8212m000) session.
  • The same options as the Replenish Shop Floor Warehouse (tiasc8210m000) session with an additional option for late line station orders.

Time effective standard cost

Previously, in Assembly Control, when the costs were frozen through the Refresh and Freeze Assembly Order (tiapl3203m000) session, the WIP estimates could not be changed and these costs were taken into account during the WIP transfer Issue/Receipt.

Now, the WIP estimates can be updated even after the cost freezing process has been performed for the assembly order.

WIP estimates are calculated when processing the Refresh and Freeze Assembly Orders (tiapl3203m000) session. The WIP estimates are inserted for the assembly order based on the assembly reference date of the order.