Modification of RFQs with Pending Approval status

Previously, if the External Integration check box was selected in the RFQ Parameters, you could not update an RFQ after it was sent to Supplier Exchange. Once the status of the RFQ lines was Pending Response, meaning that you wait for responses from Supplier Exchange, updates to LN data were no longer allowed.

Now, the Allow Updates while Pending Response from External Integration check box has been added to the RFQ Types (tdpur0196m000) session. If this check box is selected, you can update logistic data, such as the response date on the header, the bidder, the planned receipt date, line quantities, the manufacturer part number, and the manufacturer.

If you change this data, the status of the RFQ header is set to Modified. The RFQ can then be reprinted, publishing a new RFQ sync BOD. Supplier Exchange consumes these changes and displays them to the supplier.

Once a Response has been saved or published, it cannot be updated.

Requisition and RFQ archiving

Previously, purchase requisitions and requests for quotation (RFQs) could not be archived. Now, the existing Delete sessions have been modified to archive or delete purchase requisitions and RFQs.

To implement archiving and view the modified sessions:

  • For purchase requisitions, the Requisition Archiving Implemented check box has been added to the Purchase Requisitions Parameters (tdpur0100m200) session.
  • For RFQs, the RFQ Archiving Implemented check box has been added to the Request for Quotation Parameters (tdpur0100m100) session.