To create templates - details

This section uses the User Data template as an example. The procedure is representative for most templates in LN ’s Authorization Management System (AMS).

To create the user-data template, take the following steps:

  1. Define the User Data template
    1. Start the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session.
    2. On the toolbar, click New to create a new template.
    3. Enter the required user data on the System Data tab and the Authorizations tab. For details, refer to the session's online help.
    4. On the toolbar, click Save.
  2. Convert the user template data to the runtime data dictionary
    1. On the appropriate menu in the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session, click Convert Changes To Runtime DD. The Convert Changes to Runtime DD (ttams2200m000) session starts.
    2. Make sure that the System Data / User Data / Text Groups check box is selected, then click Convert to Runtime to convert the user-data template to LN ’s run-time data dictionary.
    3. Click Close when the conversion process is complete to exit the Convert Changes to Runtime DD (ttams2200m000) session. The User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session reappears.
    4. Exit the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session.
  3. Log off and log on again

    To apply the new settings, the relevant users must log off and log on again.