Tenant statuses and transitions

Tenant statuses

This table shows the statuses a tenant can have:

Status Description
Draft The tenant has been defined. The tenant does not exist in reality.
Offline The tenant is fully created: the database tables, runtime, and directory structure exist. The tenant is not operational. Therefore, logins are not possible.
Online The tenant is operational. Shared memory is initialized and tenant logins are allowed.
Blocked The tenant is operational, but new logins are blocked.
Take Offline Logins are blocked, and existing connections are being terminated.
(Deleted) The tenant does not exist anymore. Everything, that is files and database tables, is deleted. Deleting a tenant is an irreversible step: all tenant data is lost.

Tenant life cycle

This table shows the status transitions that can occur:

Old status New status Action Description
(Start) Draft User specifies tenant data When a tenant is created
Draft Offline User action: Create Successful creation of the tenant
Offline Online User action: Bring online  
Online Blocked User action: Block  
Blocked Online User action: Unblock  
Blocked Taking Offline User action: Take offline  
Taking Offline Offline System: when all connections are terminated  
Draft, Offline (Deleted) User action: Delete The tenant is deleted