The Tools package is used to configure and to manage the LN application, and to develop or customize LN software components.

In Tools you can, for example, perform these tasks:

  • Create and configure companies.
  • Set up the database management for LN.
  • Create print devices.
  • Define batch jobs.
  • Define the system data, default settings/parameters, and authorizations for the LN users.
  • Develop or customize software components, such as sessions, menus, labels, program scripts, DAL scripts, and so on.
  • Translate and distribute software components.

Tools information

For information on the different areas within Tools and the corresponding procedures see:

  • Help topics in the Online Manuals section in the Infor Web Help
  • Infor Enterprise Server Administration Guide
  • Infor Enterprise Server Technical Manual

For detailed information about the various sessions, consult the session Help and the field Help.