Session personalizations

Users can personalize sessions in various ways. Web UI users can, for example, hide fields, change labels, customize the toolbar, and move fields to another tab. Administrators can maintain the personalizations defined by the users. For example, an administrator can export personalizations to an XML file, import personalizations from an XML file, and copy personalizations to another user, to a DEM role, or to a company number.

To maintain session personalizations, administrators can use these sessions:

  • Session Personalizations (ttadv9100m000)
  • Copy to other Personalization Level (ttadv9200s000)
  • Conditional Formatting (ttadv9502m000)
  • Menu Personalizations (ttadv9505m000)
  • Export Personalizations (ttaad7201m000)
  • Import Personalizations (ttaad7202m000)

For details about personalizations, use the online help in the sessions or see Infor Ming.le-LN Plug-in - User Guide (LN UI)