Configuring sensitivity labeling

  1. Enable sensitivity labeling

    Start the Tools Parameters (ttaad0100m000) session and select the Sensitivity Labeling enabled check box.

  2. Define sensitivity labels

    Start the Sensitivity Labels (ttaad3150m000) session.

    Use this session to perform these actions:

    • Define sensitivity labels and their sensitivity level.
    • Assign color schemes, which are only used during form presentation, to sensitivity labels.
  3. Assign sensitivity labels to table fields

    Start the Sensitivity Level of Table fields (ttaad3151m000) session. You can use this session to assign sensitivity labels to tables or table fields.

    With the Print Impacted Components (ttaad3450m000) session you can print a list of reports that gets a sensitivity label based on the defined fields.

  4. Optionally: Assign sensitivity levels to specific sessions and reports

    You can use the Sensitivity Level of Reports and Sessions (ttaad3152m000) session to assign sensitivity levels to specific sessions and reports.

  5. Convert sensitivity labels to runtime

    Convert the sensitivity label definitions to the runtime data dictionary. This generates various files, whose names start with ‘sensitivity’ in the $BSE/lib directory.

    At runtime, LN uses these files to identify whether sensitivity labels must be applied.

    Runtime behavior

    • Sessions

      LN determines the sensitivity label on session level. If multiple fields of a session have sensitivity labels assigned, the most sensitive label is allocated.

      The label is displayed in the upper left corner of the data area of the form. The font size is a predefined size of 1.5, which is the default size, and the font style is bold.

      The color of the label is based on the color scheme assigned during configuration.

    • Reports

      The sensitivity label is repeated and displayed in the upper left corner of each new page.

      Output devices with font size capabilities, such as PDF and Windows printing, use these font settings:

      • Font size: 1.5 times the default font of the report.
      • Font style: bold.
  6. Run a conversion to runtime for users

    You must run a convert to runtime for users in the User Data (ttaad2500m000) session when the tools parameter Sensitivity Labeling enabled check box in Tools Parameters (ttaad0100m000) is changed.