Report personalizations

You can use the Report Designer (ttstppersrep) to personalize the layouts and style of reports, without modifying the standard reports or using an external reporting solution. The changes are stored as personalizations.

You can also generate new reports that are based on a selection of fields from the application data model. These reports are generated in the extensibility package. You can personalize these reports in the Report Designer (ttstppersrep), or modify them in Infor LN Studio.

The report personalizations are only fully supported for devices that print from LN to PDF:

  • Devices of the Display type, if you use LN UI
  • Devices with the Intermediate File in XML Format option enabled, that use the "XML -PDF" argument
  • Devices of the Document Output Management type, for report rules without report server

    To print a report to this device type, the report must have a corresponding report rule defined in the Report Rules (ttrpi2520m000) session. The report personalization is only used if no report server is specified in the report rule.

    For details about Document Output Management (DOM), see the Infor LN Document Output Management User Guide.

For options to copy the file from the LN server or to send it to a printer, see the Infor LN Transfer Service Administration Guide.

Other devices do read the personalization, but may not give the expected result.

For details about report personalizations, see the Infor LN Report Designer Development Guide.