Runtime Change Publishing

The purpose of the Runtime Change Publishing (RCP) module is to publish changes in LN Security Data. Security Data is about Permissions, Roles and Users.

To publish the correct data, the RPC module scans the LN Runtime Environment for changes regarding these entities:

  • Package Combinations
  • Companies
  • Sessions
  • Roles
  • Users

Based on detected changes with respect to these entities, Security BOD Data is generated and published.

This information can be used to integrate LN with Infor Federation Services (IFS) and with Infor Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) to support Authorization Insight and monitoring users. Continuous Monitoring provides holistic views of data and user access across multiple business environments. You are provided with the visibility and access that is required to minimize risk of noncompliance and security breaches.

How to setup and use such an integration is described in the Infor LN Cloud for Infor GRC Authorizations Insight.

The security BODs that are used by LN Tools to communicate with IFS and GRC are:

  • SecurityPermissionMaster
  • SecurityRoleMaster
  • SecurityUserMaster

The information in these BODs are analyzed by GRC according to a predefined set of best-practices SoD rules. In this way, conflicts can be determined.

SoD means that more than one person is required to complete a task. This is to prevent fraud and error. One functional area of GRC is to monitor and check Separation (or Segregation) of Duties (SoD) within an ERP system.