Enhanced Authorization Management System

Enhanced AMS, which fully integrates with DEM, improves the management of authorizations. With Enhanced AMS you can export DEM Roles to AMS.

You must explicitly enable Enhanced AMS, otherwise the default, classic, authorization model applies.

To activate Enhanced AMS:

  1. Start the AMS Parameters (ttams0100m000) session.
  2. Under Enhanced AMS, select Enabled. The existing AMS Role Data and all authorizations are migrated to the Enhanced AMS tables. The Authorization Management System menu shows the Enhanced AMS sessions. These sessions improve these processes:
    • Defining roles
    • Modeling of session and database authorizations
    • Assigning roles to users
  3. Convert all roles and all users to runtime.

To generate AMS Roles based on modeled DEM authorizations:

  1. Start the AMS Parameters (ttams0100m000) session.
  2. Select Support Export of EM Roles to AMS.
  3. To generate the AMS roles, run the Aggregate Modeled Authorizations for AMS (tgbrg9298m100) session.
  4. Use AMS to further fine-tune authorizations and role assignments.