To use the check-in and check-out procedure

This topic describes how to maintain software components if SCM (Software Configuration Management) is activated. For details on SCM, see To use the Software Configuration Management system.


To maintain a software component:

  1. Check out the software component from the original VRC to a development VRC. On the appropriate menu click Check-Out, or click the corresponding button.
  2. If the changes on the software component are tested and completed, check-in the component. On the appropriate menu click Check-In, or click the corresponding button. The changes are made available to other users.

This procedure only applies to the main component types such as Program Scripts/Libraries, Forms, Sessions, Table Definitions, Reports and Functions. SCM does not support the 4GL component types such as Labels, Questions, and Messages.

The Check-Out and Check-In commands are available in the sessions that are used to maintain these main components, such as Reports (ttadv3530m000) and Sessions (ttadv2500m000).

On the appropriate menu of these sessions, you can click Revisions to start the Component Revisions (ttscm1501m000) session, to view and maintain a component's revisions.

If required the procedure can be reversed by using the undo check-out procedure. On the appropriate menu click Undo Check-Out.

  • You can only check-out components that are stored in the original VRC, that is: the VRC from which the development VRC is derived.
  • Ensure that the original VRC is selected as your current VRC, not the development VRC. Select Change Current Package VRC of User (ttadv0140m000) in the appropriate menu to change the current VRC.
  • If the component is not present in the original VRC, you must first copy it to the original VRC.