Creating the database user

An LN user must connect to a database to use information from it.

The LN user can only access a database with the correct authorizations and rights. To give an LN user these rights, you must link the LN user to a database user.

You can create a database user with Tools or with another software package. The bullet list applies to Tools and does not apply to the creation of a database user with another software package. You can only create database users in an existing database group.

To create a database user:

  • Create a database group in the Database Groups (ttdba0120m000) session, if necessary.
  • Create a database user in the Database Users (ttdba0115m000) session
Some databases cannot handle uppercase characters. Therefore you must create all database user names and group names in lowercase.

You can link the LN user and the database user in the Links between Infor LN Users and Database Users (ttdba0110m000) session.

Note: An LN user can use information from several databases or database types. To connect to these databases you must link the LN user to the database user(s) in these databases.