Converting Infor LN users to database users - Example 3

This example is related to the Convert Infor LN User to Database User (ttdba0915m000) session.


You run the Convert Infor LN User to Database User (ttdba0915m000) session with these settings:

The System logon check box is cleared.

This database user is specified in the Database User field: lndbuser

This table shows the users that are in the selection range:

LN user System Login
dave dave
dave_01 dave
dave_02 dave
john john
john_01 john


This table shows the generated mappings between the LN users and the database users:

Database User LN user System Login
lndbuser dave dave
lndbuser dave_01 dave
lndbuser dave_02 dave
lndbuser john john
lndbuser john_01 john