Program Scripts Overview

The default behavior of a session is handled by the 4GL engine. If additional functionality is required or default functionality must be by-passed, this should be programmed in a Program script (UI script).

In LN Tools, user interface actions are programmed in the UI script and application logic for a table, table fields and relations between tables must be programmed in the Data Access Layer (DAL). Programmers create a user interface (UI) script to change the default behavior of a session. They create a DAL script to program all the logical integrity rules and the business logic for a particular table.

Note: In Infor Baan IV all logical integrity rules and all the business logic were programmed in the UI script, because DAL was first introduced in Infor Baan 5.0. DAL-2 was introduced in LN 6.1. For more detailed information regarding DAL see DAL 1 Overview and DAL 2 Overview.

A UI script can contain one or more of these types of 4GL event sections:

  • Program sections
  • Zoom.from sections
  • Form sections
  • Group sections
  • Choice sections
  • Field sections
  • Main table sections

Field sections are only used for non-table fields, table fields are handled by the DAL script.

Main table sections must not be used anymore, because the logic for the Main table is done via DAL.

You can view and edit Program scripts via the Program Scripts / Libraries (ttadv2530m000) session. The script type is UI Script .....

For details on Program scripts, see "4GL Language Features" in the Infor ES Programmer's Guide.