Version and Release Management Overview

Software is always changing, you must manage different versions of packages, their corresponding releases, and all the various customizations on the standard software.

In the Infor Enterprise Server you can use a comprehensive solution with the version and release management concept.

Advantages of the version and release concept are:

  • A flexible development environment.
  • Flexible management of:
    • New versions of the software.
    • Patches on the software.
    • Customizations on the software.
    • Localizations for the software.
  • Developers can create and test the customizations on the standard software in a separate development environment.
  • Operational users do not see new or customized software components until the components are fully tested and released in their own run-time environment.

Version and release management uses these concepts

  • The package VRC.
  • The package combination.


These procedures are used in Version and Release management:

  • The standard software environment procedure
  • The one-step software environment procedure
  • The copy software components procedure
  • The export/import procedure
  • The purge procedure

See the Infor Enterprise Server Administration Guide


These sessions are used in Version and Release management:

  • Package VRCs (ttadv1511m000)
  • Package VRCs (ttadv1111s000) (details session)
  • Directories of Software Components (ttadv1115m000)
  • Package Combinations (ttaad1520m000)
  • Package Combinations (ttaad1120s000) (details session)
  • Packages by Package Combination (ttaad1121m000)
  • Change Package Combination by Company (ttaad1101m000)
  • Change Package Combinations for Users (ttaad2200m000)
  • Create New Package Combination / VRCs (One Step) (ttaad1222m000)
  • Specify VRC Codes to Create (ttaad1223s000)
  • Copy Software Components to New Package VRC (ttadv6265m000)
  • Compile Program Scripts / Libraries (ttadv2230m000)
  • Compile Reports (ttadv3240m000)
  • Create Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5210m000)
  • Create Runtime Data Dictionary (Forms and Menus) (ttadv5214m000)
  • Purge Entire Package VRC (ttadv6255m000)
  • Export Data Dictionary (ttiex1280m000)
  • Import Data Dictionary (ttiex1285m000)
  • Compile Labels (ttadv1243m000)