Device Management Maintenance Procedures

LN Device Management provides functionality to perform maintenance tasks, such as maintaining and purging the device queue and canceling print requests.

This section describes the procedures to perform these tasks:

  • Maintain the device queue.
  • Purge the device queue.
  • Change the device status.
  • Cancel print requests from users and devices.
  • Change paper types.

This section describes only the most important steps in the device management maintenance procedures. For detailed instructions on how to enter data in the sessions that are mentioned in the procedure steps, refer to The Device Management sessions.

To maintain the device queue

If the status of the print job is Waiting and the device is physical printer, you can maintain the print job data.

  1. Start the Device Queue (ttaad3520m000) session.
  2. Double-click a print job in the grid. The Device Queue (ttaad3120s000) details session appears with the print job’s details. On the Details/status tab you can maintain the print job’s data. You can, for example, change the date and time of the actual print, the print job’s status, the number of copies, and so on. For more details refer to the session's online help.
  3. Click Save and then Close to return to the Device Queue (ttaad3520m000) overview session.
  4. Quit the session.

When the print job is finished, the print request status changes to Done. Once the delete delay time has passed, the printer daemon automatically removes the temporary file in ${BSE_TMP} directory. Although the status of the request is changed to Removed, the request is not deleted from the printer queue table. However, a print request with the status Removed cannot be displayed or reprinted. If the status of a request is set to Preserved, the output file is not removed if the delete delay time has passed.

To cancel print jobs

You can only cancel a print job if the status of the print job is Waiting, Active, or Being converted. You can cancel the print jobs per user or per device.

To cancel the print job of a user:

  1. Start the Cancel Device Requests by User (ttaad3220m000) session.
  2. Select a print job in the grid. On the appropriate menu, click Cancel Print Request.
  3. Quit the session.

To cancel a print job for a device, use the Cancel Device Requests by Device (ttaad3230m000) session which works in a similar way.

As a result of both sessions, the print request is given the Canceled status.

To change the device status

You can change the status of a device. For example, when a printer changes location, you can change the status of the printer to Down. Even though the printer is down, users can still send print jobs to this printer. The print jobs are queued and will be printed as soon as the status is back to Up.

Note: You can only change the device status when the Printer Daemon is running.
  1. Start the Change Device Status (ttaad3240m000) session.
  2. Select a device in the grid. On the appropriate menu, you can then click Change Device Status To Up or click Change Device Status To Down depending the original device status.
  3. Quit the session.

To purge the device queue data

In the previously described sessions, you were able to change the status of a print request without having to remove it from the printer queue. As a result, the contents of the printer queue table will increase instead of decrease. Consequently, the printer queue must be purged regularly. However, requests with the Waiting, Active, or Being converted status cannot be deleted; they must first be canceled and then removed.

To purge the device queue:

  1. Start the Purge Device Queue (ttaad3221m000) session.
  2. In the appropriate fields in the Selection Range group box, enter the users, sequence numbers and the statuses of the print jobs that you want purge. You must also specify the print date and time until which the device queue must be purged.
  3. Click Purge.
  4. Quit the session.

To change a printer’s paper type

If you change the paper in a printer, check to see if you need to change the printer’s paper type.

  1. Start the Change Paper Type of Printer (ttaad3102m000) session.
  2. Select the device for which the paper type must be changed.
  3. On the appropriate menu, select Change Paper Type. The Change Paper Type of Printer (ttaad3103s000) details session starts.
  4. In the Paper Type field, type or select the paper type that you want use for the printer and then click OK to return to the overview session. A message "Change papertype of device <device name>, Ready?" appears.
  5. Click Yes to finish the procedure.