DAL 2 Overview

DAL 2 scripts are introduced in LN. A DAL 2 script contains all business logic (database logic + other logic) related to a particular table. The UI scripts of the sessions operating on the table, only contain UI logic.

DAL 2 scripts are therefore perfectly suited for integrations via LN Business Adapter. Other applications can connect, through the BOL, to an LN table. The business logic in the table's DAL 2 script is executed automatically. So, to build an integration, you don't need to rebuild this business logic in the BOIs that provide the interface.

Various predefined business objects, that can be used for integration purposes, are delivered with LN. DAL 2 scripts are only available for tables that are used in these business objects. For the remaining tables, DAL 1 scripts are available.

In DAL 2 various new hooks are introduced. A DAL 2 script can contain:

  • Object hooks: these hooks are identical to the object hooks in DAL 1 scripts.
  • Field hooks. Field hooks contain the business logic for table fields. They can contain, for example, logic to:
    • check the input on a field (logical integrity rules).
    • make a field read-only.
    • make a field invisible.
    • automatically update a field, after a related field was changed.
    • make input on a field mandatory.
    • hide a particular enumerated constant from an enum list.
  • Business method hooks. These hooks are used to disable/enable and hide specific form commands of type "business method".

You can view and edit DAL 2 scripts via the Program Scripts / Libraries (ttadv2530m000) session. The script type is "DAL (version 2)".

For details on DAL 2 scripts, refer to "DAL 2 Overview" in the Infor ES Programmer's Guide.