DAL 1 Overview

DAL 1 scripts were introduced in Infor Baan 5.0. A DAL 1 script contains database logic (e.g. logical integrity rules), but it usually does not contain all business logic for the table it belongs to. Very often business logic is spread across the DAL 1 script and the UI scripts.

Most UI scripts still contain business logic. They can contain, for example, logic to:

  • make fields read-only.
  • determine which enum constants can be selected in an enumerated field.
  • update a field after a change to a related field.

Therefore it is very hard to use the DAL 1 scripts for integrations via LN Business Adapter: the business logic in the UI scripts is skipped if another application connects to a LN table. Therefore this logic must be rebuilt in the BOIs that provide the connection. If you change the business logic in the UI scripts, you must adapt the corresponding BOIs as well.

A DAL 1 script can contain the following types of hooks:

  • Object hooks: to check the logical integrity of records in a table. Object hooks replace the "main.table.io" sections in the program scripts and can be used, for example, to automatically perform update actions in other tables after saving or deleting a record.
  • Property hooks. A property hook is related to a specific table field. These hooks are, among other things, used to check the input for table fields.

You can view and edit DAL 1 scripts via the Program Scripts / Libraries (ttadv2530m000) session. The script type is "DAL".

For details on DAL 1 scripts, refer to "Data Access Layer" in the Infor ES Programmer's Guide.