To delete unused labels

You can use the Print Where Used Labels (ttadv1445m000) session to print a report of unused labels in a specific package VRC. You must use the Delete or Expire Unused Software Components (ttadv6225m000) session to find and delete unused labels.

To determine that a label is not used, you must check the full range of:

  • Components
  • Derived versions
  • Derived releases (including customizations)

Do not remove unused labels that are:

  • Used in derived versions/releases/customizations
  • Reserved for use in future software components
  • Used in Help info ( Tools does not check this!)
Note: If you use a label with a length of 20 characters, instead of the same label with a length of 10 characters, Tools recommends that you retain the 10 character label. At a later date, you can use the shorter version of the label on forms and reports that have label fields with a length of less than 20 characters.