To define label codes

You can link a label to a table field by using the table field code for the label code. It is recommended that you use label codes that link the labels to database table fields as often as possible.

Automatic alignment

If you link the label to a table field to which a domain definition is linked, the label description is automatically aligned in the same way as defined for the domain. This only applies to label descriptions displayed in multi-occurrence sessions.

If you change the alignment of the domain, you do not need to change all the multi-occurrence forms. If you dump the forms to run time again, the label description has the alignment that you defined for the domain. This is especially useful for fields with flexible alignment.

If you specify the adjustment in the label fields of a form or report, you can overrule the domain adjustment.

Example tcibd001.item is the Item Code field of table tcibd001

Table field code : tcibd001.item
Associated domain : tcibd.item
Label Code : tcibd001.item
Label description : Item Code