To create database definitions

Tools must have at least one physical database to store the data which is used by the application software. The table ttaad410 is used to create a database in Tools. A database is identified in Tools by a database code. The details of the database definitions per database code are specified in the Database Definitions (ttaad4510m000) session.

You can define items such as:

  • Whether the physical database is located on a remote or local system
  • The database type of the physical database

Use the Tables by Database (ttaad4111m000) session to assign tables to databases. Create the table definition, $BSE/lib/tabledef6.X , by using the Create Runtime Database Definitions (Tabledef) (ttaad4113s000) session.

You can define a database copy for database mirroring by using the Database Definitions (Copies/Alternatives) (ttaad4112s000) session. An alternative database is useful if, for whatever reason, a database fails. The tasks of that database are then taken over by the alternative database. Note that there is no consistency check on the database in the latter situation.