To define templates for AMS

Some of the miscellaneous data and authorizations that must be defined for the user are defined in templates. Templates are also used in the Authorization Management System (AMS) to define the authorizations for a role in an organization. This makes it easy to define the authorizations for a group of users with the same role in an organization.

The miscellaneous templates contain:

  • The common user data that is shared by a group of users like the application server, startup systems, and so on.
  • The default settings to create texts in Tools, for example, the text groups and text groups for a text field. Text is used in Tools for obvious reasons, like writing online Help, but it is also used to write queries, and for additional information on stored data in tables, exchange schemes, and so on.
  • The devices that can be used by the users, in order of preference. If the user is authorized for all devices, you can specify the device preference of the user by selecting the device preference template in the User Data (ttaad2500m000) session. If users are not authorized for all devices, they can only use the devices that are present in their own device preference lists. Consequently, the device preference list is also a list of devices for which a particular user is authorized.
  • The default settings to develop customized software components. You can, for example, specify whether forms and menus must be converted to run time automatically after they have been changed, whether a backup must be created before the program script is edited, and so on.

The authorization templates contain the restrictions for normal users. For example:

  • The authorizations that are needed to write text in Tools. For example, you can restrict users to read-only, use, or update authorizations. You can define these authorizations for more than one company, or even for all companies.
  • The authorizations that are needed to develop customized software components. A password is required to start the Developer Authorization Template (ttams1151m000) session, which you can use to specify the package VRC, modules, languages, and so on.