To create a Report Viewer device for session-based reports

To print session-based reports, you need a device that sends the report output to the LN Report Viewer.

To create a Report Viewer device, complete the following steps:

  1. Start the Device Data (ttaad3500m000) overview session.
  2. To add a new device, click New. The Device Data (ttaad3100s000) details session starts.
  3. Enter the properties for the new device. Points of attention are as follows:
    • Device: RPT
    • Description: Report Viewer
    • Device Type: Rewrite File
    • Locale: <empty>
    • Intermediate File in XML Format: Yes
    • Driver: <empty>
    • Shell Command: <empty>
    • Conversion Program: <empty>
    • Argument for Conversion Program: XML -RPT
    • Path: ${HOME}/rpt
  4. Save the new device and close the sessions.