Homepages delivery

The homepages are stored as additional files on the LN server.

For each homepage, Infor delivers two additional files:

  • A homepage archive file, which contains the language independent content of the homepage, such as the structure of the homepage and its panes.
  • A homepage property file, also known as a resource file. This file contains language-dependent content in the language the homepage was developed in. The homepages that Infor delivers are developed in English.

The additional files are delivered during the installation of LN. Updates and new homepages are delivered through PMC solutions.

File names

The names of the homepage archive files and homepage property files have this structure:

File type File name structure
Homepage archive file [homepage-id (max. 28 characters)].HPA
Homepage property file [homepage-id (max. 28 characters)]_[ISO 639 language code]_[ISO 3166 country code].properties

Note: The country code is optional, and is only used for a few languages.


These files are delivered for the Warehouse Manager homepage:

  • warehousemanagerhomepage.HPA: Homepage archive file
  • warehousemanagerhomepage_en.properties: English Property file

You can translate the contents of the homepage property files to other languages. For details, see the Infor LN Development Tools Development Guide.