Deleting VSC Warnings

How to delete VSC warnings

When you verify software components, VSC generates warnings. When you solve a warning, VSC automatically removes that warning. When you accept a warning, VSC moves the warning to the Accepted Warnings list. The warnings that are not solved and the accepted warnings are not removed automatically. To cleanup your system, you can remove (a part of) these warnings.

  1. Mark warnings for removal

    Run the Global Delete VSC Warnings (tlvsc3200m000) session. Among other things, you can specify ranges for the verification codes, component types, packages, modules, and software components for which you want to remove the warnings. The session does not remove the warnings, but marks the warnings for removal.

    Note: Alternatively, you can run the VSC Global Delete for the expired and not found components (tlvsc3204m000) session. This session only marks warnings that belong to software components that are expired, or do not exist anymore. These warnings are not relevant anymore, and therefore you can remove them without any problem.

  2. Remove warnings

    Run the Actual remove deleted warnings (tlvsc3203m000) session to remove the warnings that are marked for removal. You can specify ranges for the verification code, component type and package.

    Note: the session only removes warnings that are older than 7 days.