How to subscribe to an event publishing service

You can subscribe an application to an event publishing service of an LN Business Interface.

To create a subscription to a BDE event publishing service. These services are also referred to as publishers. The applications that receive the published event messages are referred to as the event consumers.

  1. Start Event Subscription session

    Start the Event Subscriptions (tlbct5500m000) session from the Tools/ Integration Tools/ Event Publishing menu. This session lists the current subscriptions for a particular LN company.

  2. Start Subscribe session

    To start the Subscribe (tlbct5220m000) session, click Subscribe on the appropriate menu of the Event Subscriptions (tlbct5500m000) session.

  3. Create a Subscription

    To create a subscription, specify the required fields of the Event Subscriptions (tlbct5500m000) session and then click Subscribe.

    For more information, see Event Subscriptions (tlbct5500m000).