Event Statuses

The following status values are used:

Irrelevant The event is skipped because it does not match the subscription filter.
To be Published The event is stored in the queue and ready to be picked up by the publisher.
Published The event is published. Additionally, this status does not necessarily mean the event is successfully processed at the destination. Either the event is successfully processed at the destination, or a problem occurred outside LN and the event is written to the Infor Integration log, or the event was successfully received at the destination and skipped.
Error An error occurred, and the publishing continues with the next event. For example, the data could not be retrieved for the event. Note that if the publisher stops or becomes interrupted because of an error, this status is not used, because in that case the publisher will try to send the event next time.

If the event history is not kept (refer to the online help of the Event Publishing Settings (tlbct5505m000) session), only events with the ‘To be Published’ state will exist.

Event State Transitions

The following figure shows the transitions of the event status:

The ‘To be Published’ state usually means the event was not yet processed by the publisher. However, two situations exist in which it was processed, but could not yet be successfully completed:

  • The ‘To be Published (Retrying)’ state means the publisher tried to publish the event, but it could not be delivered. The cause is probably temporary, so retrying will be done. However, note that this is the event state, not the publisher process state. The publisher might be stopped while retrying, so it does not have to be running at that moment.
  • The ‘To be Published (Halted)’ state means that while processing the event, an error occurred that stopped the publisher process. When the publisher process is continued, the event will be picked up.

In case of status Error, the error details are unavailable in the Events session. The error message is not linked to the event, but has been published. Depending on the Integration 6.2 configuration, the error message is sent to an error handler bus component or written to the Infor Integration log file.

The Error state is not directly reached from the application. If an error on event publishing occurs in the application process, the process will not enqueue an event message with status Error, but will enqueue an error message with status ‘To be Published’ if no subscription exists for the business object. Additionally, if the problem occurred in the generated business object library, the business ID is lost; the business ID can only be stored if the error occurs in the standard event publishing logic, available in the Tools Add-on package.

When unsubscribing, all events for the subscription are deleted. If events to be published are still waiting in the queue–because the publisher is not running or has a backlog–they will also be deleted. When unsubscribing from the user interface, you will be warned beforehand and asked to confirm the unsubscribe action. Note that this cannot be done when an UnsubscribeEvent request comes from outside LN, because no user interaction is possible.