Event Publishing Concept

A Business Object can publish event messages to report state changes on its instances or to request asynchronous services, such as an update, from external applications. Other applications can subscribe to these event messages. Such subscriptions are referred to as Event Subscriptions.

An event subscription for a business object in an LN company means that another application is interested in events from the company for that business object. This does not mean the specified business object will receive events. The specified business object will publish events, because another party is subscribed to those events.

In LN, business objects are represented by Business Interfaces. Two types of Business Interfaces are distinguished:

  • BDE Business Interfaces

    which are business interfaces that use BDE-specific XML messages to exchange business data.

  • BOD Business Interfaces

    which are business interfaces that use standard OAGIS BOD messages to exchange business data.

Although BODs for LN are implemented through business objects, they are not managed in the Infor Enterprise Server user interface. Therefore, they are not discussed further here or in the session help.

Standard event messages are published to spread information on state changes of business objects. Custom event messages are used to carry out an asynchronous service request on a business object of an external application.