Event Monitoring

Although the status of the event publishing can be monitored, by default you cannot see in Infor Enterprise Server what happened to a specific triggered event. Is the event already published, or is the event still in the queue, or did an error occur?

The basic functionality is:

  • In the Event Subscriptions (tlbct5500m000) details session, the end commit time of the publisher is visible. The end commit time indicates that events from all transactions committed on or before that moment were processed.
  • If an error occurs, it is handled in Integration 6.2. Depending on the configuration and type of error, it is either sent to an error handler bus component, or a retry is done after some time, or the error (including the message as it was when the error occurs) is written to an Infor Integration log file.
  • If a subscription exists, an event is never lost. Either the event is still in the queue, or delivered to the specified destination, or is handled as an error in Integration 6.2.

Event Monitoring adds:

  • An Events (tlbct5530m000) session is available. You can view the events that are in the queue to be published from LN.
  • An Event Publishing Settings (tlbct5505m000) session is available, where you can configure to keep the event history. If the history is kept, processed events can also be viewed in the Events (tlbct5530m000) session.

Note that this functionality is an add-on and does not replace the basic functionality.