To import predefined table sharing data

The predefined data delivered by Infor (Soft Table References and Table Sets) can be delivered to the customer as additional files, linked to a PMC solution. When installing such a PMC solution, the following additional files will be copied to the customer’s system at a pre-specified directory:

  • bgenttltsm010000.S
  • bgenttltsm100000.S
  • bgenttltsm110000.S
Do not move or replace these files.

You can import these files into the Table Sharing Modeler from the Import Table Sharing Content (tltsm2200m000) session. In this session, you must first specify the source Package VRC. However, if you run this session within a tenant, in a multi-tenant environment, it is not required to specify a VRC, but you must specify the package combination from which to read the data.

Depending on the ERP Enterprise version, specify this data:

10.5.2 10.5.1 10.5 10.4.2 10.4.1 10.4 10.3 10.2
Version: B61 B61 B61 B61 B61 B61D B61D B61D
Release: 20 18 16 14 12 10 A9 A8
Customer Extension: <empty> <empty> <empty> <empty> <empty> <empty> <empty> <empty>

For 10.6 and later versions, the version, release, and customer extension is determined automatically by the package combination that you specified.

Next, specify the target Package VRC, which is the VRC in which the Table Sharing Modeler is used in the customer’s configuration.

Subsequently, you can import the content of the additional files into the Table Sharing Modeler. This implies that the VRC of this data is overwritten with the customer's VRC and stored in table tltsm010. Table Set data is stored in tltsm100 and tltsm110. Data that is present already is not overwritten.