Predefined table sets

LN comes with a collection of predefined table sets.

LN has two types of predefined table sets:

  • Basic table sets, which contain the essential tables that must be shared for a particular requirement. For example, the Central Calendar Set-up (KT) (R05200) table set contains only the Standard Calendar (tcccp040) table. Use these table sets as a starting point to construct your own table sets.
  • Comprehensive table sets, which contain all tables that you need to share for a particular requirement. In principle, you can use these table sets directly to build a table sharing set that defines a complete table sharing configuration.

If a table set is predefined, the Export field in the Table Sets (tltsm1100m000) session is selected, and you cannot modify the table set.


The following convention is used for the codes of predefined table sets:

  • Basic table set

    R xxx 00 vv
  • Comprehensive table set

    R xxx 10 vv


  • xxx = The number of the table sharing requirement
  • vv = a version number for the table set

In the table set description, the following codes are used:

  • (KT) = Key tables (basic table set)
  • (AT) = All tables (comprehensive table set)

For more information on table sharing, see the Infor LN User Guide for Table Sharing.