To specify relevant package combinations and companies

Before you can do any actual modeling, you must specify the relevant package combinations and companies, because

  • The Update Table References (tltsm0201m000) session only retrieves the table references existing within the package combinations you specified in the Table Sharing Package Combinations (tltsm0105m000) session.
  • In the Table Sets (tltsm1100m000) session, the companies that share tables of a table set must belong to the same package combination as the table set.

Package combination

In general, the functionality and table definitions of one package combination differs from the functionality of another package combination. Each package combination has its own set of table references.

To link table sets to package combinations:

  • Specify the package combinations in the Table Sharing Package Combinations (tltsm0105m000) session.
  • Link table sets to package combinations by using the Table Sets by Package Combinations (tltsm1150m000) session.


You can limit the effect of the Make Table Sharing Set Actual (tltsm0210m000) session to a specific set of companies.

To specify the relevant companies:

  • Define a multicompany environment in the Multi Company Environments (tltsm1160m000) session.
  • Specify which companies belong to the multicompany environment in the Companies by Multi Company Environment (tltsm1170m000) session.

For more information on table sharing, see the Infor LN User Guide for Table Sharing.