Soft references

A soft reference is a programmed reference from one table to another. Soft references are often used for integrations between packages, because table references are not allowed between packages. In these cases, integration DLLs are used.

To maintain soft references

Soft references are predefined. Only if you change (customize) the software, you must maintain the related soft references.

To add a soft reference to the repository of table references:

  1. Start the Change Current Package VRC of User (ttadv0140s000) session. Check the current package VRC, and correct it if necessary.
  2. Start the Table References (tltsm0110m000) session.
  3. Click New on the Specific menu.
  4. Specify the referral table and field and the reference table.
  5. Specify the Reference Mode.
  6. Specify the program script.

LN will derive the valid VRC of the tables and program script on the basis of your current package VRC.

To indicate that a soft reference is not valid anymore in a newer version:

  1. Start the Table References (tltsm0110m000) session.
  2. Double-click the soft reference.
  3. Select the Expired check box.

If a soft reference is set to expired, it is still effective in previous VRCs.

For more information on table sharing, see the Infor LN User Guide for Table Sharing.