To analyze the present table linking configuration

You can also use the Table Sharing Modeler tool to analyse the present table sharing configuration, for example after adding a new solution or a customization.

To analyze the present table linking configuration, you can follow this procedure:

  1. Update the table of table references by using the Update Table References (tltsm0201m000) session.

    Note for Enterprise Server 10.5.1: On a tenant, in a multi-tenant environment, you can skip this step because this step is performed by the cloud administrator.

    For older versions, you cannot skip this step.

  2. Start the Table Sets (tltsm1100m000) session.
  3. Define a new table set.
  4. In the Table Sets (tltsm1100m009) session, in the Specific menu on the Tables by Table Set tab, click Import Logical Tables and select a logical company and a range of physical companies. After you click OK, all currently linked tables are included in the table set.
  5. On the Specific menu, click Verify Shared Logical Tables.
  6. Depending on the parameter setting, the Table Sharing Exceptions (tltsm2100m000) session starts automatically, or can be starting manually. To start this session manually, click Table Sharing Exceptions on the Specific menu.
  7. Investigate the resulting exceptions. Refer to the Help of the Table Sharing Exceptions (tltsm2100m000) session for details.

For more information on table sharing, see the Infor LN User Guide for Table Sharing.