To set up a table sharing configuration

This topic is a general overview of the actions you must perform to set up a table sharing configuration. This topic contains links to the details of the procedure.

The result of this procedure is either:

  • A table sharing configuration implemented with table linking (logical tables).
  • A table sharing configuration intended to be implemented by using data replication.

To set up a table sharing configuration, you must do the following:

  1. Make a list of your functional table sharing requirements. An example of a table sharing requirement is: "All companies must use the same set of item codes."
  2. Identify the companies involved.
  3. Construct table sets that conform to these functional requirements, optionally using predefined table sets.
  4. Construct a table sharing set.
  5. Make the table sharing sets actual. (or set up replication)

For more information about these steps, refer to the related topics below.

For more information on table sharing, see the Infor LN User Guide for Table Sharing.