How to test a specific method

This topic describes how you can test a specific method of a Business Object.

XML schema file request

The following figure shows the XML schema file of the Request argument of the Approve method of the Order (tlbct790) Business Object.

tl bct bl790bscrq0000.xsd tlbct790-Approve-Request

The purpose of this specific method is to approve an order.

Enter request

Click Enter Request to define the Request argument for the method.

A Menu Browser appears:

Save the Request argument and close the graphical browser to return to the BOL Test Tool - Public Layer (tlbct3250m000) session.

Execute test

After you create the Request argument, you can run the test. Click Execute Test. Refer to Execute test for details.

View response

View result

If the order time is not filled, the order cannot be approved.