Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server consists of the following packages:

Tools (tt) The Tools package is used to configure and to manage the LN application, and to develop or customize LN software components.
Tools Add-on (tl) You can use the Tools Add-on package to test business object methods, to set up a table sharing configuration, and to perform quality checks on software components.
Data Director (da) You can use the Data Director (DA) package to import and export data to and from LN, to set up triggering to notify another site or application of something happening in LN, and to set up the Synchronization Server.
MS Office Integration (nt) The Office Integration pack enables you to integrate LN with MS Word and MS Excel.
OpenWorld Middleware enabling (tm) This package contains the integration BDE server ( tmbdeserver) and the adapter server ( tmboaserver) that are used in integrations between LN and other applications. The package also contains sessions to create and maintain BOIs.