Office Integration

You use the Office Integration to integrate LN with MS Word and MS Excel.


This integration pack ( " LN Office Integration ") enables you to integrate ERP LN 6.1 with:

  • MS Word: you can select records in an LN session and send them, via the Send To command in the session's File menu, to an LN-specific MS Word template. Based on this template, one or more Word documents are generated automatically.
  • MS Excel: in a similar way, you can send a set of records to an LN-specific MS Excel template to create an Excel workbook. Changes made in Excel can be saved (uploaded) to ERP LN 6.1.

The data transfer between the LN server and the client PCs is via LN Business Adapter.

To use the integration pack, two roles can be distinguished:

  • Template designer

    A template designer develops and publishes the LN-specific templates for MS Word and MS Excel. A template designer is an experienced LN user that is familiar with the LN functionality.
  • End user

    An end user uses the LN-specific templates to generate MS Word documents and MS Excel workbooks that contain LN-specific data.

Published templates are stored per company number. You can export published templates to another company in your LN environment, or to another LN environment.

Note: For details on the MS Office integration pack, refer to the Infor LN Office Integration 2.1 User and Installation Guide.


You can only use the MS Office integration pack if:

  • MS Office parameters are defined on the LN server.
  • The LN Business Adapter server is configured.
  • The LN Business Adapter is installed on your PC.
  • The Office Integration client software is installed on your PC. You can choose different types of client installations, for example Word/end user and Word/template designer.

For details on the installation and configuration, refer to chapter 4 "Installation procedure" in the Infor LN Office Integration 2.1 User and Installation Guide.


The following sessions are available in the Office Integrations menu on the LN server:

  • Office Parameters (ntint0500m000)
  • MS Word ERP Templates (ntwrd0510m000)
  • MS Excel ERP Templates (ntexl0110s000)
  • Export Published ERP Templates (ntint0200m000)
  • Import Published ERP Templates (ntint0201m000)