Sensitivity labeling

Sensitivity labeling enables you to provide feedback to the end user about the sensitivity of the information on an LN screen.

Sensitivity labels have an inherent hierarchy, as each label implies a more restrictive sensitivity than the next. For example, sensitivity labels have different levels of sensitivity, such as “Company Sensitive” and “Highly Sensitive”, which increase in order of sensitivity.

You must define the sensitivity level at either the table-field level or at the table level. Each field or table requiring a certain sensitivity level must be assigned the appropriate sensitivity label. When you specify a table, all fields in the table have the same sensitivity level, except those fields for which you have defined another sensitivity.

You can assign a sensitivity label to individual sessions and reports. Sometimes the assignment that is based on table fields is not applicable. For example, a calculated value on a report may be sensitive because it is based on a sensitive table field.

Sensitivity labels are shown on forms and reports.